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Cleaning by sound:

acoustic horns

cleaning right during operation

customized production of horns

for silos, boilers, and fans

tested by CTU scientists

How does acoustics release material?

We will produce a special acoustic horn (= auditory duct), whose "excitation" frequency will match the frequency of selected part of your technology.


The airflow above the titanium membrane and through the auditory duct creates the sound pressure level as well as the given frequency.


Such a combination then releases your bulk material – directly during operation without the need to shut down the technology and clean it mechanically.

Watch a short video presentation:

Everything is designed for you in cooperation with CTU scientists

We have been providing the entire technical solution preparation, frequency measurement and resonant band calculations for many years in close cooperation with scientific engineers from the CTU in Prague.

Acoustic horns are an effective solution especially for cleaning:

  • inner walls of silos and bins

  • boilers, heat exchangers and superheaters 

  • fan impellers

Acoustic horns can also be used in explosive environments thanks to the EU - Type Examination Certificate.

The installation of acoustic transducers allowed us to operate the fan with vibration up to approx. 3.5 mm/s and not to reduce its speed according to the specified algorithm – and thus not to limit operation. Increased vibration will automatically reduce the fan speed.


(Experience with the operation of acoustic transducers of the type ACL-34230 on recirculated flue gas fans.)

Ing. Petr Parchomenko
VOTP Boiler room and desulphurization
ETU ČEZ, a.s.

Installation of horns

Before installation, we will first inspect the technology with you and consult the upcoming solution.


We always produce special horns only on the basis of specific frequency analyzes and calculations.


Our technicians then provide expert assistance in putting the acoustic horn system into your operation.

The main advantage is cleaning your technology during operation.


With regular use of acoustic horns, you do not need to shut down and solve any mechanical cleaning.

akusticky menic na kotli.jpg

Are you interested in acoustic horns?

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