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We ensure the flow of solid waste in the incinerator.

How do we release the bulk solid material from the silo where is bridging?

Elimination of lime bridging

The sample of milled lime CaCO3 + MgCO3. The milled lime is used for an air pollutant neutralization.

We are cleaning the boiler exchange surfaces

In the process of combustion technology, the heat exchange surfaces are often clogged both in the area above the combustion chamber, in the area of I. draft, II. draft and third draft of the boiler.

We eliminated cement sticking

After commissioning of the system of Myrlen® air pulse nozzles that were installed between the fluidizing plates, previously consolidated cement is now transported into related technological equipment.

We proposed a solution for the gypsum flow

The picture shows filling the truck body with gypsum. Gypsum moisture is max. 10%. The angle of repose is about 46°.

Experience with alternative fuel “TAP”

The solid alternative fuels (TAP) made of sorted waste is used as a substitute for conventional fuels both in cement factories and in the fuel complex. You see on the picture the TAP in the process of combustion in cement factory.

Cleaning the inner part of crusher

The bridging of crushed coal. View of the inside of cylindrical crusher. Extensive stuck level of smaller crushed fraction coal are formed there. View of the mechanical scraping of stuck material on the inside wall.

Flow of gypsum. Yes we can!

There were three different systems installed at the hopper. Vibrator, mechanical system inside the hopper and plastic plates on the inner walls were applied. These systems were not able to ensure flow of gypsum.

Turkish miracle: 55% lignite moisture

Is it technically possible to ensure flawless material flow in two steel storage bins when there is lignite humidity of up to 55%? And why air guns and vibrators mounted on steel tank shells have not worked in this case for a long time?

Experience with alternative fuel

It is a mixture of brown multi dust mixed with hydrated lime and waste from refineries. The maximum moisture content of the particulate mixture is up to 15%.

Cleaning the fan wheel

One-sided suction fan from the furnace gases exhaust. Temperatures before the furnace fan are in the range of 300°C to 350°C. The problem is clogging of the inside of the wheel blades and thus increased vibrations of the fan.

Flow and inertization of pulverized coal

The hopper with the capacity of 500 tons for the storage of the pulverized coal with moisture content up to 10%. Existing mounted system to ensure the flow of coal at the discharge section comprises of four air cannons. Nitrogen with pressure of 0.60 MPa

The system of silo inertization

The internal environment of steel silo for storing and the expedition of dried brown coal dust is constantly in an inert atmosphere of nitrogen.

Solution for fly ash in the chutes of the filters

A sample of fly ash with moisture content of 0.81%. The effective angle of the external friction is 47.2°. Measured angle of external friction on steel 11 373 is 23.6° at 220°C. The aeration test showed the bulk material as very cohesive.

Releasing bulk material

To ensure the fly ash flow in the so-called transition zone of the storage silo, acoustic energy was used. Applied acoustic energy has the advantage that it is spread evenly in all directions into the interior of the silo.

Solution of fuel flow in chutes

We can see on the photo a solution of the coal flow in the steel chute where we use combination of the Airsweep® pulsating nozzle system Myrlen® and the BriskHeat® heating system. The conveyed coal contains up to 30% of moisture (H2O).

We release fuel with moisture content up to 50%

Here is a sample of the fuel with moisture up to 50%, which is very cohesive. In the coal hopper, material sticking and “dead” zones are created.

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