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We will make your silo, feeder or hopper run

No more vaults, funnels, sediments or tunnels.

We give you a 100% flow guarantee

1. We will analyze your situation

We will come to your operation, take samples of the bulk material and test them in test storage bins  or in real operation.


For a larger project, we will also provide an independent analysis of mechanical-physical properties of the material directly in the special Bulk Materials Laboratory.

2.  We will provide a customized solution

There are no two identical operations, so we will  prepare an individual technical proposal just for your case – addressing your particular situation.


We use either the controlled energy of pulse nozzles, the sound vibration of our acoustic system or full-area heating provided by heating blankets.

zkusebni zasobniky.jpg

3. Test it yourselves in operation

As the only ones in the Czech Republic, we offer you a unique opportunity: to verify the proposed technology on approval directly in the real conditions of your operation.


This is the best way to test the functionality of the technology. With its quick installation (during your scheduled pause), we will be glad to help you and set up everything.

4. Saving your downtime

After a successful check, we will hand you over the whole project and train your staff to be able to work with the technology installed.


Thanks to a 100% guarantee of your bulk materials flow, you will save millions on unplanned downtime. We give you a guarantee of a functional solution.

5. Your problem is solved once for all

We care about the technical quality by regular  service once a year – ideally at the time of determined downtimes, so it will not disrupt your operation at all.


If the service life of the technology ends, it is no problem – we always have the right replacement in our warehouse. We will come and make a replacement.

Instructions from practise: What to pay attention to

Download this 20-page PDF for free where you will discover what to keep an eye on at your bulk material supplier.

All technology is certified

These devices can also be used in explosive environments thanks to the ES certificate. They are also certified for use in the food industry.


We cooperate with CTU scientists to develop technologies.

The quality of our services is regularly checked by the Notification Body.

Kotva - Certifikace a normy
a11-190106_Plzenska teplarenska-trysky.j

100% flow guarantee: material 

is released by air pressure.


We can vibrate your material also with sound, so it pours again.

Topne rohoze_MOSA.jpg

When the material is heated,

it is much less sticky.

Take advantage of 22 years of experience from 350 operations in the Czech Republic and abroad


Technical solutions and services are at the top level. Pulse nozzles from MOSA Solution have solved our vaulting problems in the fly ash silo. Acoustic cleaning of heating surfaces has been tested for a long time on resonating surfaces with a highly satisfactory result.

Ing. Pavel Beran
Chief Engineer
Pražské služby a.s.
ZEVO Malešice

We tried the Myrlen pulse nozzles because of fuel sticking in our coal storage bins. After their installation, there was a significant decrease in fuel sticking. The device is highly reliable throughout its operation and does not require any special maintenance.

Ing. Ivo Sobol
Plant Manager
Veolia Energie ČR, a.s.

Due to the rapid clogging of the boiler heating surfaces, especially the pipes of the output heater, a frequent shutdown of the boiler was necessary, practically once every 14 days, as well as mechanical removal of the sticking. After installation of the acoustic transducer, the forced shutdown interval was extended to 6-8 weeks of boiler operation.

Ing. Šalata Milan
Heat production specialist
TP 2 s.r.o. – Strážske

Would you like more details?

See our references

100% guarantee from

MOSA Solution

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