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Proven solution:

pulse nozzles

Airsweep® technology

quick installation

100% guarantee of efficiency

possibility of testing

How do nozzles solve your problem?

Simply and efficiently: we release pressure energy into the storage bin wall. It then penetrates through the bulk material in all directions along the inside of the storage bin.


We set the frequency of individual nozzle pulses according to an efficient algorithm – which forces the bulk material to flow regularly.


Everything is shown graphically in the following short video:

Where can the nozzles be used?

BULK MATERIAL TYPE – we have references to coal, cement, lime, kaolins, sands or ammonium sulfate. We have also solved highly vaulting lignite (with a humidity of 55% of H2O). Take a look at our project presentation.


BULK MATERIAL TEMPERATURE –  there is no problem up to +392.0 °F, which has, for example, power plant fly ash in the electric separator hoppers.


STORAGE BIN TYPE – any steel silo (carbon steel, stainless steel wall), reinforced concrete silo (wall thickness up to 1,000 mm) and insulated or heated silo.

EXPLOSIVE ENVIRONMENT our Myrlen® nozzles are ES certified for the internal storage bin environment (ZONE 20) as well as the external environment (ZONE 22).

EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT – standard IP65 environment.

"From MOSA Solution s.r.o. company, we have installed Myrlen® pulse nozzles on coal and biomass storage bins, as well as on coal dumps and downpipes. These pulse nozzles have proven themselves in operation and have greatly contributed to reducing the sticking. We are currently testing the acoustic cleaning of the second draft of the fluidized bed boiler. MOSA Solution is a modern progressive company and its engineering activities are on a high professional level."

Ing. Petr Chromý
Coordinator –  Heating plant
ŠKO-ENERGO, s.r.o.

Installation process

We can complete the installation of Myrlen® pulse nozzles in a matter of hours – so it does not delay your operation.


Our engineers always install pulse nozzles together with the technology (pressure connection, algorithm settings) to guarantee a 100% flow of your bulk material.


Installation from the outside of the storage bin

We do this when it is not possible to ensure safe access to storage bin or silos.

For these cases, we use welding mounting sleeves – different sizes for different wall thicknesses of the steel storage bin.

Installation from the inside of the storage bin

We recommend this when your bulk material is very abrasive.

On the inner wall of the storage bin, we install special mounting sleeves

against abrasion (= mechanical abrasion).


As a result, we minimize downtime during further service of the technology

(and replacement of bushings).


What is needed for operation

The pulse nozzle medium source requires compressed air or inert gas. The optimum overpressure is 0.50 [MPa] to 0.80 [MPa].


We will calculate the amount needed to determine the optimum compressor performance.


Typical power consumption for pulse nozzles (dimensions 3/4" to 21/2") is between 17 ln20 and 185 ln20 at 250 msec pulse.

We will advise you  and set up everything in advance.

Would you like to try the pulse nozzle solution?

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