We are your first help when material stops pouring

I started as a technician in a cement plant – and over the 13 years, I have been constantly working to solve problems with the flow of cement, lime, slag or other bulk materials.


I happened to hear about pulse jets from a German magazine. I became interested, so in 2000, I imported the first Myrlen® pulse nozzles from the USA – and mounted them on a steel coal bin.


The system has proved successful. Gradually, I began to solve problems with the flow of bulk materials to other customers – and finally in all industries. In addition to Myrlen pulse nozzles, we now use acoustics and other technologies.



We are starting to cooperate with the American company Myrlen. We acquire exclusive representation for the supply of their pulse nozzles. Then we test them in the first operations.

We intensively cooperate with scientists from the CTU in Prague and VSB-TU in Ostrava. We are also built a new plant in Čížkovice.



We acquire a dealership of the American company Control Concepts. We are testing the first acoustic horns – and we start researching them together with the CTU. We are also establishing a new branch in Ostrava.

MOSA Solution s.r.o. is officially established. We become a member of the Czech Acoustical Society – and at the same time, we file an application for an invention with an application for a patent on our new product.


We obtain several patents, utility models and certifications. We are redesigning the logo and corporate identity, building a new Technical Center in Sulejovice.


We participate in the Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness. We obtain a patent on the design of our pulse nozzles.


We innovate acoustic horn technology, continue research in cooperation with the CTU and completely change the company web presentation.

Over the past 20 years, we have solved problems in more than 300 operations in the Czech Republic as well as abroad. We have truly outstanding references. And we will be glad to help you.

History of MOSA Solution. 20 years is… simply 20 years

It is our nature: we are always

researching and developing


We never launch a new product without years of research before.


Everything is carefully verified and tested – with CTU scientists and other research institutes as well as with customers in real-life conditions.


We are researching and developing new technologies: recently, mainly for the use of acoustic energy. We have obtained a European patent on the unique design of our pulse nozzles.

Are you interested in cooperating with us?

We have been intensively cooperating with MOSA Solution s. r. o. since 2007. It is a company that responds dynamically to the current needs of industrial practice. Together we participate in solving several interesting topics. Considerable efforts are being made, for example, in the field of using acoustics in energy technologies.


The effort and courage with which MOSA Solution Ltd. undertakes technically  complicated experiments are not common. The acquired knowledge of cooperation is projected not only into industrial practice but also into the educational process.

Prof. Dr. Ing. Tomáš Vampola

CTU in Prague – Institute of Mechanics,

Biomechanics, and Mechatronics